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NUBG: Appointment of the board with the mayor

The commitment to the establishment of a permanent table dedicated to the environment and the sharing of the programmatic lines of the preliminary project of the Masterplan: these are the results of the first official meeting of Nocera Umbra Borgo Green with the mayor of Nocera Umbra, Virginio Caparvi.

The appointment

Last Friday, a delegation of the association met the mayor Caparvi in ​​the council room of the town hall, together with the councilor Elisa Cacciamani, who shared the requests of NUBG the request for a permanent table on environment and sustainability, also open to others associations.

The commitments in the election campaign

The meeting took place the day after the meetings held during the electoral campaign period, on the occasion of which NUBG had proposed to both candidates the preliminary version of a Masterplan dedicated to environmental issues, containing a project that represents an overall planning hypothesis and territorial planning respectful of the environment and immediate use. Also during the election campaign, NUBG had also presented "sustainable" proposals (on recycled collection, energy saving, water etc.) that could be implemented in the short term, together with the request to establish a working table dedicated to environmental issues, which sees the involvement of associations of the sector and whose purpose is to raise awareness and stimulate private individuals towards the "green".

"We are happy to find openness"

Now those ideas seem to have won the commitment of the new Nocera administration. "We are happy to find an opening in the new administration and I can only express satisfaction for the commitment expressed regarding the establishment of a discussion table, on a periodic basis, which can involve more associations on environmental issues - explains the president of NUBG, Alessandro Giovannini -. Furthermore, we had parted, before the elections, with the delivery of an ambitious and important project, which we believe is also a concrete contribution of the association to the city, which is the Masterplan, and we are pleased to find ourselves now with this project as a point of departure of a fundamental collaboration towards a greener future ".

"Commitment to be respected"

Attention to the issue also comes from the mayor of Nocera Umbra, Virginio Caparvi, who thanks the association and anticipates the imminent assignment of the delegation to the environment. “The environmental issue - points out the mayor - is as topical as ever and concerns our planet to the extent that we will be able to tackle it in our small territorial realities. Opening up to associations to share a path is a commitment made during the election campaign that we intend to respect right away. We thank Nocera Umbra Borgo Green who first put forward this need, however, obviously, the doors are open to any association that is sensitive to these issues. In the next few days I will assign some powers to the city councilors including the delegation to 'environment and well-being' ".

New board

Meanwhile, NUBG has decided to expand the number of members that make up its board, also changing its leadership, which passes from Michele Agostini to Alessandro Giovannini. The new board, in office until December 2022, thus passes from three to seven members: Alessandro Giovannini (president), Eirene Mirti (vice president), Alessia Stefanelli (secretary), Francesco Mirti (treasurer), Francesco Coluccia, Paolo Pani and Alessandro Orfei.

Expansion of the team

A choice, that of the expansion of the management, which focuses on teamwork. "I am pleased to give my contribution until the end of the mandate in an association in which I strongly believed from the beginning and the work of these months has led us to take the opportunity to expand the board, a sign of willingness to participate and to work as a team - Giovannini points out -. Although NUBG was born in a particular period, during the pandemic and with exclusively online meetings, in this first year of life it has worked a lot, with objectives and results that have also been implemented externally, as demonstrated by the expansion of the work team and also the attention received by the municipal body. Now we will work to deepen and structure the projects in progress and to launch new ones, involving more and more associations and citizens ”.

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