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Who we are

Nocera Umbra Borgo Green’s mission is to make Nocera Umbra the greenest town in Italy, creating those infrastructure relying on multiple natural resources, the mindset and potential of our citizens who love the territory and wants to share and develop all those functional projects aiming to a unique goal.
All of this is possible in the perspective that every citizen, business, associations, could identify themselves in this ambitious project sharing strong values of environmental care, giving their contribute connected to the development and increased focus on natural resources locally and mostly on a national and international level.


We leave in a world on the verge of a no turning point: year 2030 is well-known and identified from respected scientists as the year when nothing possible could be done to stop climate change caused by pollution. Many have started to take action trying to change direction and in the same way we can give our contribute cooperating in the project “Nocera Umbra Borgo Green”, which cares and respect our country and our territory.

​“Nocera Umbra Borgo Green” Project is included in a highly followed scenario, the one of green cities, as a fact, if we think about it, cities are part of the problem and need to become part of the solution.

Many rankings in Europe and Italy are awarding some cities among the most deserving with respect to others, as they launched initiatives focused on environmental respect, investments on renewable energies, recycling, more than biological and sustainable agricultural business and communication initiatives. The final goal is to be different starting from a tourism-oriented economy which includes citizens to participate as one and as a team, all together, reaching great success. Our dream today is to start being on top of those rankings and be the firsts in few years, to become together with Nocera Umbra, the greenest town of Italy, and also, one of the most looked up from tourists and new inhabitants.


​All of this is possible in the perspective where every one can identify him/herself in this ambitious project. Dreaming is one thing we don’t pay taxes on, so thanks to this project we can start our dream creating and building those activities and initiatives to share new projects, share thoughts and grow in a solid and constructive way!


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