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Nocera, which today boasts the opportunity to be able to grow even more thanks to its unused resources such as water, air, earth and other riches that have written so much history in past centuries and that are ready to write much more in the near future.

As it is true that a glass with water inside it can be considered "half empty" it is also true that that same glass can be considered "half full"!

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To become the greenest village in Italy you need a plan. Ours is the 3. Environment model.


100% green inhabitants


For our future it is necessary that every citizen becomes a guardian of the territory in which he lives by acquiring a Sustainable Behavior , which is also one of our initial projects . This is why we have the project to train and inform about those daily habits and actions that can make a difference. Even at the table, with the  Green kitchen !

100% green activity

Sustainable Agriculture is the first step of the  project referring to commercial and entrepreneurial activities. The country's economic fabric has more advantages than disadvantages in choosing sustainability, including in other sectors such as tourism, construction and mobility. The involvement of the country's businesses is also inevitable.

100% green associations

The Associative Collaboration is what Nocera Umbra Borgo Green aims at, because it is by working together and joining our passions that we can take all the necessary steps towards a sustainable future.

Always growing and looking for new ideas, ideas and friends

Nocera Umbra Borgo Green is an open and transversal association. If you have a proposal, don't hesitate to contact us!

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