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We aim to become the greenest town in Italy by 2030.


Nocera Umbra Borgo Green is an open and cross-sector association with the one objective: make Nocera Umbra the greenest town in Italy by 2030, tipping point for Planet Hearth.

Association activities includes development, sustainable grow and circular economy of the country and the surrounding territory, valuing natural treasures representing it and promoting active participation from a citizen able to acquire and enhance a sustainable behavior and be a guardian for the territory.


An chance for commercial and business activities

Commercial and business activities joining Nocera Umbra Borgo Green project take innovative opportunities coming from sustainable development and from ecologic transition increasing networking and growing together.

Benchmark for green citizens and tourists

Inhabitants joining Nocera Umbra Borgo Green become guardian for the territory, develop sustainable behavior in their daily life and take the chance to learn everyday something new.

A balanced move for associations loving Nocera

Associations joining Nocera Umbra Borgo Green find eco-friendly solution for their activities, they get to know each other and together organize initiatives to play a crucial role. 

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