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A sustainable vision: the Masterplan

The construction of a more sustainable world can also start "from below" or, as far as we are concerned, from small realities.  But we need the right tools.

The Masterplan wants to be this: an operational tool to accompany change.

For this, it has identified concrete directions and actions, developed from an analysis of the territory and calibrated on local administrative documents, combining them with real examples to be taken as a starting point and open to everyone's contribution.

The fundamental assumption is that each of the actors involved operate in respect of the territory, helping to avoid all those incorrect behaviors (pollution, disfigurement of the environment and landscape, littering, excessive consumption of soil, raw materials, production materials and fuels no longer eco-sustainable) which could harm the achievement of the objectives.

If you want to know more about the Nocera Umbra Borgo Green Masterplan, download the entire document.

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