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C.S. Palio dei Quartieri green, here is the “Give me five” project by Nocera Umbra Borgo Green

Actions in the tavern for the districts and for the contradaioli. Giovannini: "He resumes his journey"

Nocera Umbra, 24 luglio 2022 – Countdown to the start of the Palio in the districts of Nocera. Opening on Thursday 28 July in Piazza Caprera, with the usual inaugural ceremony. A Palio that will be particularly green.

Nocera Umbra Borgo Green - explains the president Alessandro Giovannini - was born thanks to the collaboration with the Palio in 2019, with the aim of making our main party more sustainable. In 2021 we were officially founded and, after the stop linked to the covid of the Palio, we are ready to resume the path of collaboration and synergy”.

The collaboration resumes thanks to the "Green too" project, which aims to award associations, companies and inhabitants (the model 3.A of Nocera Umbra Borgo Green) recognition for their efforts related to sustainability. The project consists of some 'leaflets' that are granted based on the state of sustainability, up to a maximum of five. To meet the Palio, the "Give me five" project was launched, which, in five points, aims to work towards the goal of the green party. The five actions are: separate collection in taverns, plastic free, green tips on social media, zero-impact party and paper cup for the two taverns.

Thanks to all these precautions - continues Giovannini - at the end of the party, we will deliver the first 'leaflet', the first recognition, to the Palio as an association and green event. The beginning of a path and a goal to which we will work with President Pierantoni”.

For this work we thank all those who will make it possible, starting with the municipal administration, Valle Umbra Servizi Spa, the Ente Palio and the Contrada members”.

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