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"Ecological Walk" of St Francis's summer

The first and significant appointment with the "Ecological Walk" to discover the marvelous Nocera's landscape. Thanks to the La Romita association, custodian of a fraction of a territory that has been loving and caring with passion for 8 years, which, for the 2022 edition of L'Estate di San Francesco, enthusiastically welcomed the collaboration of Nocera Umbra Borgo Green in support of the initiative. 💚 We🚶‍♀️ Walked for about 11km 📷 Admired the suggestive landscape through the paths ♻️Collected 10 bags of rubbish found along our path and 🙏🏻Prayed in the middle of nature. Following the example of St. Francis, let us commit ourselves to respect and protect sister nature, which we have not only received as a gift for our present life but which we are called to hand over to our children. Below is a short video, let's hear what Mauro Lipparelli, one of the founders together with Luca Grilli, told us. of the La Romita Association.

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