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A Masterplan for a more sustainable future for the city

Nocera Umbra Borgo Green presents its programmatic document

First appointment on April 26 with the City Council

Nocera Umbra, April 21 - "A sustainable vision for the future of the village and an example for the whole region": this is the Masterplan that Nocera Umbra Borgo Green has developed through a team of experts and which it presents to citizens as a concrete proposal for development of the city. After delivering the document to the two camps candidates to lead the city during the electoral campaign, now the association wants to take one more step towards disclosure and concreteness. Hence the "Masterplan tour", which will begin on April 26 with the presentation to the City Council, to continue all next month with appointments in the various areas of the Nocerino area. The official start, therefore, is scheduled for April 26 at 9 pm at the Piervissani Library. The president of Nocera Umbra Borgo Green, Alessandro Giovannini, the expert Christian Bernasconi, biologist and science communicator will speak; and Enzo Malacchi, head of the government area service of the territory during the drafting of the new P.R.G. of the Municipality of Nocera Umbra. The subsequent stages include five meetings that will involve citizens in different fractions (on April 27, May 4, 11 and 18 and then in June) and others aimed at associations, institutions, proloco and communities, on May 25. . These are the dates in detail: April 27 at 9 pm appointment in Colle in the municipal hall, May 4 at 9 pm at Circolo Arci di Bagnara, May 11 at 9 pm in the Ce.Cu.Ri.S room in Nocera Scalo, on 18th May at 9 pm at the Pro loco di Isola headquarters, on May 25 at 9 pm in the multimedia room of the archaeological museum of Nocera Umbra; the last stage will be held in the capital on 17 June.

The Masterplan “A sustainable vision for the future of the village and an example for the whole region” is a programmatic document to be shared, made available to the territory. The idea is that the construction of a more sustainable world can also start "from below". Or, as far as we are concerned, from small businesses. But we need the right tools. The Masterplan wants to be this: an operational tool to accompany change (also cultural and mental). For this, it has identified concrete directions and actions, developed from an analysis of the territory and calibrated on local administrative documents, combining them with real examples to be taken as a starting point and open to everyone's contribution. The fundamental assumption is that each of the actors involved operate in respect of the territory, helping to avoid all those incorrect behaviors (pollution, disfigurement of the environment and landscape, littering, excessive consumption of soil, raw materials, production materials and fuels no longer eco-sustainable) which could harm the achievement of the objectives. These also include the creation of skilled jobs in the green economy and circular economy.

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