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2022 restarts with the 'Green Table' to give new impetus to sustainability projects

Nocera Umbra, February 3, 2022 - The engine of the Nocera Umbra Borgo Green association has been rekindled, for a 2022 full of new appointments and commitments to achieve the objective that is the association's mission, which is to make Nocera Umbra the greenest and most sustainable village in Italy. The first event was the meeting with the mayor Virginio Caparvi and with the city councilor Michela Biagioni, who will take care of the delegation to the environment. The meeting aimed to set up a "green table" and start the implementation of some proposals and initiatives that, in some cases, the association had brought to the attention of the previous municipal administration and delivered to the mayoral candidates in the last election campaign . First of all, with the idea of ​​also giving value to simple gestures but rich in symbolic value, the association proposed the initiative to plant new trees, in conjunction with new births. Another request was to take over the flower beds in the areas located at the entrance to the city. Maximum availability on the part of the municipal administration, with which a constant dialogue will be initiated, even on initiatives of greater perspective. This is the case of the "Ten points" on sustainability, for which progress has been recorded and on the Masterplan, the document drawn up by the association, thanks to the contribution of a professional such as Francesco Bernasconi, and which sets out concrete actions and possible to give the legs to the green dream of the association through punctual and precise planning and programming actions with positive economic repercussions at the employment level. The involvement of young people and the school world will be fundamental both in raising awareness on environmental issues and in education for the democratic process: young people must be rightly consulted because the future is in their hands. In this regard, we are working to create a path that collects their ideas and vehicles their proposals. In addition to these, the projects already started remain active, relating to awareness campaigns such as the social one against the practice of littering, i.e. the uncivil abandonment of waste in public areas, or the toll-free number (800.592182) dedicated to environmental issues, etiquette ecological to deal with in everyday practices. In addition, collaboration with local associations and schools from Nocera will continue (as through the Erasmus + social Hackathon). Work also continues on a self-certification that identifies the sustainability of companies.

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