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Nocera Umbra Borgo Green cares about respect for nature and the environment in which we live, therefore the intent of the project is to transfer this love also within the events and events that take place in the Nocerino area by actively participating, collaborating with the organizing bodies, so that all those precautions aimed at respecting the environment are introduced and implemented.



The Palio dei Quartieri is an event that takes place in August and certainly represents the "mother" event for the town of Nocera Umbra, now in its 30th edition.

The town of Nocera Umbra is divided into two districts, one medieval the other nineteenth-century, which battle it out to the sound of processions, historical re-enactments and sports competitions.

From 5th to 11th August


Mostra Ok_edited.jpg

"Bring me some Nocera water ..."

edited by Gianluca Giovannini

The history of the "Bagno di Nocera", of the "Felice Bisleri & Company" and of its founder through the prints, posters, postcards and photos of the time. An exhibition that tends to underline the importance of our precious Nocera water Umbra.

From 19th to 24th August at Palazzo Dominici in the heart of our village, in a majestic building that has made the history of our country.

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