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EXHIBITION "Bring me some water from Nocera Umbra

The water of Nocera Umbra, a symbol for our village that boasts centuries of history and great successes even overseas.

Water, is one of the four elements of nature  which today may seem discounted goods but which will represent in the coming years and more and more, the real "gold" that no one can do without to live in harmony and well-being.

We want to start from the water by presenting, in collaboration with Gianluca Giovannini, an exhibition that will take place from 19 to 24 Agosto at Palazzo Dominici within the "Festa delle Acque" event which sees the a succession of numerous shows and events in our magnificent Nocerino village.


" " Bring me some water from Nocera: ... "is the 5th exhibition that I have organized in the town since the earthquake of 97 marked a sort of watershed between two Nocera. Another small cultural event, but also an effervescent moment of aggregation, to make us reflect, yesterday as today, on the concept of identity, place, landscape. historical center, lots of visitors. A book of postcards followed and the birth of a very active movement of local collectors. In 2004 I organized a review of ancient documents (from the early 1900s to the 60s) produced by the various city administrations and public offices Once again, as a location, I simply chose the street. To be exact, the Piazzetta Vincenzo Blasi, cordoned off and full of safety decks. In 2007, however, inside the f altana in P.zza Medaglie d'Oro, again for the usual reason of not using the historic center, I set up a photographic exhibition on Nocera. In 2011, however, it was the turn of the exhibition on the "lira", which aroused so much interest among visitors. I mounted it along the village, in a renovated room in front of the impracticable and sad Palazzo Camilli. In short, small events aimed at restoring a glimmer of luster and vitality to a country seriously injured by the earthquake, largely cordoned off and semi-dark, dreaming the day of being able to return to a building in the historic center to set up a new exhibition. Today, that day, has finally arrived. And coincidentally, the occasion is also one of those that I consider very respectable. In a week, on August 24, 2019, the 125th anniversary of the registration of the trademark of "Acqua Nocera Umbra" will occur, and a tribute to our immense natural wealth, which since the dawn of time has identified and distinguished our city, we could not do not do it. An exhibition that tells the story of the "Bagno di Nocera", of the "Felice Bisleri & Co." and its founder through the prints, posters, gadgets, labels, postcards and photos of the time. A series of documents that allow us to weave a mosaic of changing emotions and feelings, narrating the beauty, quality and production of Nocera's water . 
Set up this exhibition in this artfully restored noble palace; return to hear the ancient smells of the hallways, the muffled silences of the rooms, the sad and feeble voices of the visitors; think back to all those years in which I wandered around with my paintings, around Nocera, looking for a safe and viable corner of the country; it taught me that no earthquake can ever stop the strength and courage of desires

In collaboration with "Nocera Umbra Borgo Green".

Gianluca Giovannini

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